Camino Portuguese. Day 9 – 10. Two Killing days. Spain. 29-30 of April – 2019
Дата 23 May 2019

Ok. Now we are five. Early in the morning we start to eat. Breakfast must be hard. Dinner light. In the evening – water only.

Kitchen in this Albergue fully equipped. And extra clean.
Night was quiet and the beds were excellent.

So, in the morning, in the garden we ate everything and little bit more.

Then, happy enough, we follow the yellow arrows.  Thin chain of Peregrines reach out in the predawn city. It was cold. The mist floated over the trees.

I read, that to escape Zone Industrial near Porrino, after 8 km we need to turn left on the gravel road or trail and follow near the river Louro. I have on my GPS trail from the right side, but it finished in nowhere.

Si, as I know exactly the point to turn ( i found GPS coordinates in one of the forums) we happily escape all industrial zones before Porrino. We didn’t visit Porrino and passed it from the left side.

It was long day.

Few days before i understand, that Redondela have not enough places for overnight and we need to book something in advance.

I wasn’t sure that we will be first in municipal Albergue, which is inside the historical building on the main square. So, i sent the mail to the Casa da Herba – private Albergue. As we were 5, owner proposed to us pay for 6 beds and to be without any other unknown person.

The way to Redondela seems endless. The day was hot. People one by one get closer to the city.

The first thing we saw was the railway bridge  over the city at the  high altitude. City was very slow and sleeping.  Casa da Herba was only 50-100 m after the municipal albergue, in the main center. It was very clean, nice furnished building. Our room was on the third floor with big window. Kitchen was equipped with different appliances.

After the shower we run to supermarket and to the restaurant – to take a dinner.


Everything was closed…. Completely….
Till tomorrow,  because of some religious procession.

We made three turns around the small city. We saw people in trekking closes with flip- flops with very hungry eyes.  Finally we found café- restaurant, the same name,  menu, price as in Tui. The weather, as usual , was strange – very hot on the sun with winter cold wind. We ate something not good, not bad.

As we returned to our Casa ďa Herba, we saw real restaurant, sea food, with menu a la carte. We asked for deserts. And choose some cakes and fruit plate. First tome in my life i saw fruit plate in expensive restaurant like this – just small plate one apple and one kiwi on it. Nothing more…. We asked for a knife…

At night procession passed near our opened windows. It were loud sounds of drums. But i slept so deep, that didn’t hear.

Day 10. The way to Pontevedre and turn on Spiritual Way.

In the morning we ate best of rest – everything from our backpacks. Not huge , but enough to start.

I looked out of the window – chain of people with shells passed . Here in Redondela, many passes from Porto joined together.

We need to make 18 km to Pontevedra and 4 more to the monastery in Poio. In Pontevedra it was not a lot of lodging and i don’t want to make marathon with other people to  the municipal albergue.  So, i found monastery in Poio. It has reasonable price and private rooms. And it was old monastery with garden, church ext.

Our first stop need to be in Ancona. This  small village is famous for its oysters. Only 8 km from Redondella. Its good that our breakfast was light. We need to be little bit hungry.

We rich Ancona at 10am. The pass was just the past. Nothing special. Ancona slept. All restaurants start sell oysters after 11 am.  Trying to find open one, we turned to the port and , yes, found.

Our second breakfast was coffee and oysters. Not bad. Not cheap. One oyster one €.

And again more kilometers to Pontevedra.

It was hot.
As we arrived to the center, we took pilgrims menu in the first restaurant. It was 9€pp with vine, fish and soup. Very tasty.
Then i visited central cathedral with its strange round front wall. Local pastor stamped our credentials.
We were tiered.

Pontevedra has also ancient convent, but we were tiered. Main idea was to visit supermarket, because near Poio i didn’t find any in the map.

Last 4 km were hard. We walk slow, sit few times. It was very hot. May be first such a hot day.

Monastery appears suddenly – grey monstrous building.

As we get inside, we saw wide marble reception, big rooms for rest, different areas for relax. We also received free tickets for visiting church and garden.

Our rooms were on the third floor with nice garden view.
After shower we walked everywhere we can – in the church, cluster and garden . It was also longest ancient horreos in the courtyard .  In the garden were stone tables. Our dinner here was beautiful and peaceful.

Time to sleep.

22 km were hard and long.
We are completely alone in the monastery.