Walking around the Veggen mountain. Old road Uttaklievveien. Lofoten Islands. Norway. January – 2019
Дата 1 February 2019

In the morning we made first attempt to climb Valendstind. Ok. Its not possible if the visibility zero.

We were lucky made few photos of the local church in Deep Blue – morning blue miracle of sky and ocean.

So, i decided to make snowshoes walking near Vic beach on the old road Uttaklievveien.
Its 4-5 km and nice for Aurora watching also.

The weather is awful. But forecast says that in one hour it will be sunny. Its impossible to believe but we have no choice.

First steps in snowshoes in deep
snow. Visibility 10 m.  We are making our trekking. We are wet. No traces of people. Only chains of traces of wild goats.

After one hour the clouds slowly go away and opened for us the picture of polar beauty, with ocean and mountains , covered with snow.

Every step gave us real pleasure. It was not hard walking. Slow because of the constant beauty. Pink and blue of sunrise and sunset together. Pink twilight.

The road ended on another beach with small village. It was an historical information about this road and the school built specially for 13 pupils. Then road was closed and a bus started get children into another village . Wise people….

Its possible return by foot through the tunnel to Vic. I asked day before.
So, we made full circle around Veggen mountain.

The day slowly turns into Deep Blue.

We also need to buy some fish in factory. We did it – 5 huge fishes for 20 Euros..

After 1 hour we prepared big dinner. Fish soup, fried fish and fish tea. No. Tea was green.