Aurora Borealis on Lofoten Islands. When? Norway. January – 2019
Дата 1 February 2019

Before i thought that if we will be at night after 68 parallel, after Arctic Circle, we will see Auroras every day.

I even put in my phone program which has every guide in Norway and every person who interested in Auroras.


Every day big cloud of geomagnetic winds or something with cosmos indexes move around the geomagnetic pole of the Earth. Every day.
On program i saw big green cloud which moved from East to West on high parallels. First Russia and after 8-30 pm Norway, Lofotens ext

Sometimes this cloud was huge and sometime thin and small. Probability of Auroras rises every day from 0% at 6pm till 44% at midnight. After 68 parallel KP index , even 1, can give good Auroras…

But nothing.
It were quiet evenings, with no clouds and wind. Not evety day, of course. 2 or 3 times.

Only once i received the phone call from the owner of the cabin. He said that ITS starts.

We run to terasse.

Half circle like a rainbow was before us. Left side the mountain in moonlight, right side small houses with the lights.

And yes, Borealis. Pale green with more intensive color from right side.

To check is it the real Auroras its recommend to take a picture. If  the cloud on the picture will be green – its real Aurora!

I am not interesting in such a method. I would like to watch bright green Northern Lights , which fulfill all the sky!

We were unlucky….

We even tried to observe Auroras from the northern beaches.
The best angle to observe is NW – NE. The best places – beaches around the Vic, with dramatically  shining mountains, ocean and Auroras. If they are .

Best time 9pm – 2am

We had been at 10-30 pm.

We saw big excursion group with the guide. We asked him how long they will wait and when will be Aurora. He smiled. They will be on the beach next 1,5 hours. And Aurora may be will be seen in two weeks…. Who knows?

Our last hope is inland of Norway and Sweden by the way back.

All conditions for Borealis were perfect – no wind, no clouds, good KP.