Thermal rivers in Tuscany. Italy. May – 2017
Дата 14 May 2017


Our first thermal place was San Filippo. Cars were parked 700 m before in both sides. We found small place. People with plastic  bags and big normal bags routed dawn to the river.
River was warm . With different chemical element very useful for people, of course. But not for a long time! We turned dawn.
Warm river was full of people with children. No facilities , no changing rooms. People put their belongs on the trail. There is beautiful calcium formation White Whale. We also changed dress and went into river. I cannot say that the temperature was high. But when we ascent on Whale hot waterfall made our presence more comfortable. Water with Calcium made numerous cascade bathing. Not big but enough for pleasant stay.

We sat in different levels of different bath. The air was not warm. It was time to go father.

By the way to Rome we visited Saturnia – one of the most famously thermal in Tuscany. Moulin of Saturnia.

Semywild please. Semi, because it’s a parking place, restaurant and old mill here. Wild because no facilities. Cascades of hot , really hot water came from the mill.

Then terraces with hot water and people in it. We quickly change the closes and found out personal bath. Then I move little bit aside and found personal waterfall. We stayed there for half an hour.

It was excellent place, known from very ancient time!