Biennale in Venice. Italy. sept 2009
Дата 29 March 2010

We were unable  during many years to get to the largest and most well-known world-wide exhibition of art. We are now in Venice and  at the Biennale.

For a start – just a few words what it is. Every two years all the countries  (well, almost all …) brought in the middle of summer in Venice, the best and most interesting in art, often created specifically for the Biennale. Accommodation exposure occurs mainly in two central locations – in the Jardin and Arsenal. .  In Jardin many countries – Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Israel, Egypt, Korea and others have their permanent pavilions. Before, we had pavilions  like that at the VDNH. The same , but much smaller. The rest of the country are located in the Arsenale and in  historical buildings throughout the city. The Arsenal is  old. Today, fully restored. For comparison – Our Art Arsenal – full analogue Venetian. Login Pay only for the main mass exposure. The ticket is valid for two days. So, information can be dosed and your brain is not overloaded))

We started with Jardin.

The Spains  introduced quite nice ceramics with elements of fauna and paintings in the style of our Chichkan, but in my opinion, more picturesque.

In the Belgian pavilion an exhibition rather amusing pictures. Belgian photographer Jef Geys found on the streets of cities all over the world all kinds of medicinal plants, photographed them, the names of streets and dry up them. Received such a handbook Nassalya  Medical herbal book) in the cities of the world. The idea, in principle, quite original –  more often look around yourself – you can find something interesting…

Then we went into a huge hall number 1. Well, get out of it we could not very long. Principally, a lot of views can be seen in any museum of modern art. Advantages and disadvantages here I am not going to discuss – many art expert devoted  their life to this question.

So,  what really enjoyed.

Hall Tomas Saraseno  (Argentine )- A global network of some clusters and weave. Maybe the rays of galaxies in space. Or just life among the protozoa, which under the microscope looks amazingly beautiful.

Anyone can come up with their own version, but to walk among these threads, cobwebs incredibly pleasant and happy.

And then we got to the hall of the German designer Natalie Djurberg. This woman head is clearly not all is well. But I think it is wonderful! Room totally dark. It grows as the scenery, huge fantastic flowers and plants. You, like Alice, who drank the nectar and decreased in size. Well, the cartoon. A short but very bright. About three religious men and servants of the oldest profession, which in the nude creeps under the mantle of happy old men, they go and stuff voluptuously. Where is watching the Vatican …

Strikingly beautiful and photogenic appeared tte exhibition Englishman Simon . Starling – in the hall on the spiral staircase stood an old  film projector. Tape transport through all the details of this miracle and the tape with quiet chatter of moving on all the details the ladder. And film shows how this is constructed. Great!

Another German, Hans Peter Feldman pulled out all the bins, joking, took away from young children, tiny dolls, trains, cars. All this is set as karuselka . He did quite a lot of these platforms. Send the right light, the artist receive on the wall  a theater of shadows! Even the little charms!

In the same hall there is a ridiculous op-art-cafe. Above all, find the entrance and exit and not turn into a zebra.

A separate Hungarian pavilion. The pavilion itself is beautiful. In the style of Austrian Secession. And inside a very interesting project. The artist Peter Forgacs took all the known self-portraits of Rembrandt and with the help of computer graphics made the great artists to age, younger and turn his head.

The Israelis occupied the war, so were able to provide only a few pictures of questionable, in my opinion, the artistic value.

And then we crossed the bridge and fell into the most beautiful pavilion.  I mean, which we liked the most. It was the Egyptian draft Adel El Siwi. Upon entering the hall meets you order bent in a slight bow of huge figures papyrus-shadows. In the hall of papyrus made several ethnic scenes – a piece of life on the street, the cyclist. And a separate place is occupied by two huge figures, shadows, frozen in a kiss surrounded by the eternal Egyptian cats with raised tails. It was so beautiful and the Egyptian! It was practically the only pavilions, which showed no- global art.

Next on the street has been exposed a lot of Venetian glass. Describe useless – it is bright and beautiful. Purely Italian.

The American project like usual- photography is prohibited.

Pavilion of France proved to be extremely brief – just a prison in the form of a cross. And the flag is fluttering in the dungeons. Analogies can be carried out countless.

And here, finally pavilion, from which we could not go for a long time and which is now clear, has received the Grand Prix. This – the Scandinavian Pavilion.  28 artists made it! And not in vain! You get just a piece of film or just a tragedy. House – a beautiful modern glass design project, something like a small Mediterranean villa. The terrace lounge chairs scattered about in shorts and crumpled towel. In the pool, face down, floating corpse. It was all very natural. You get into the house. The owner has just left this hostile world. Interior of the house very quickly introduces us to the current affairs – the owner gey, he had many boyfriends. Their panties lovingly displayed in a specially decorated panels. On the table, a typewriter, an unfinished text, some papers, Velcro with notes, crumpled sheets, cigarette butt. Owner was here! Linens crushed. Its structure, too, deserves a separate examination – it is a hole in the floor with pillows and blanket. And in the corner of it TV. Shower – a clear continuation of the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright – let us be closer to nature.  So, right in the cockpit trees, and between them there are souls. Kitchen corresponds exactly to the rest. In general, we as a book read it! With pictures.

Russia project took several rooms. Hut with a strange interior, home appliances Gosha Ostretsov-hand move now, the man writes something, the phone rings. Just as in life – a complete bedlam. Another was a picture fotofootboolfuns and their cries. And a beautiful Christmas display Anatoly Zhuravlev in the form of glass spheres. Maybe not Christmas, but I only imagined it. Sharov lot, all the glitter, in each small picture of someone very famous.

In the Japanese pavilion were huge black-and-white photos of Miwa Yanagi fantastic aunts with long hanging tits.

Korean Pavilion – just a beautiful house.

The remaining exposure to the Jardin somehow not very memorable.

The next day we went to Arsenal.

I went to an endless succession of rooms and installations. At Arsenal we liked much less.

Hong Kong was presented Projection of the shadow on the wall. This explains plaque was shadowgraph Marquis de Sade. Articulated in two, three, five, shadows moving from corner to corner. Judging by their movements, no doubt what they are doing …. Nice.

Brazil continued its carnival colors in Venice. From the yellow room you get in the red, then to blue, etc. In every room in the corner is  TV. The program is the same – the color and it changes all the time. Beautifully.

India – some batteries on the walls, suspended from his long dreadlocks unfortunate Hindus.

Tibetan guru made a wheel of life from the infinite number of cut out pictures and headlines. Most words China. Who has that hurts …

Russia has also been at Arsenal exposition Helena Elagina and Igor Makarevich- two-headed eagle, the upper part of which is made of eternal ice. Cold. Very simple and clear. Even the comments are not needed.

Well, fine Italian pavilion with juicy with bright paintings and beautiful photographs Matteo Basile.

There were another exhibition , but  poorly remembered.

There were  some pleasant exhibition halls on the streets of Venice.

We found an Australian Ken Yonetani, who made a sweet Barrier Reef of sugar in the form of a dry Japanese garden. Very aesthetic!

Moroccan exhibition in the church was ablaze colors.

But the Ukrainian pavilion, located at the Palais des Papadoppoli near the Rialto bridge, we searched for a long time. Not only we are. We looked it  with a map  accompanied by French and Italians. We are going to Europe, right? Perhaps that is why only the Ukrainian Pavilion was closed. It just hung a notice EXPOSURE  FINISHED. In English. Well, printed, not written by hand … ..

The result – we are all pleased!

And what a blessing that after returning home, we immediately got on GogolFest! For us, the Biennale is going on!