45 minutes of fear or first dive under the ice. Ukraine. febr 2008
Дата 29 March 2010

Dedicated to those who do not suffer from claustrophobia.

Recently, we had an accident – we plunged under the ice.

The boys have chosen a wonderful, slightly frosty day and we went to the Sokolovsky quarry. (Zhitomir). Wake up at 4 am,  and at 7-30 were in their quarry. 3,5 hours of training and  we can dive.

The ice in this quarry – amazing. Our friends cut out the huge bar. And it looks like everything but not  the ice. Very nice!

There were 7 people. And only we  are with Ivan were beginners in ice diving.  Divided into two groups.  The four  of us went forward. And then we with Slavic start. It was very frightening! I read a lot about this  type of diving. Many stories ended badly… For example, untied the rope. Or lost lane. Or something with the regulator.

In general, it was terrible. We decided to move along the walls of the quarry, holding rope. Slavik jumped into the water first. Then we. With a cry    Mummy!Mummy!

Water in the quarry cold and clean. Visibility – 15 meters. The first thing we saw was inverted Ziguly-Lada.  Without people and concrete basin. Simply car  in quarry. And the trees, which, of course, once confused our trigger end. And so it was not very comfortable, and then there had always extricate our self from a tree. So we are underwater 15 minutes and confused. Then, realizing that  we cannot swim more, climbed out of the lane. Just nothing.

Here the guys and the rest have surfaced. Satisfied, happy. Oleg, the chief of their group, in this  quarry dived 100 times. So the boys were swimming without insurance rope. Even think about it was terrible.

Second start.  After 2 hours.

And it was decided to go without a rope. Slavik in this quarry was  about  100 times.  Cylinders are not changed. Each – 150 atmospheres. Decided to do a shallow dive and not long.

And now we are back in the hole

Quarry goes down. We are sailing, and the wall all the time left. I notice the tyre. Depth increases. Wall amazingly beautiful. Huge-relief. Lot of trees. Visibility very good! The water is cold, but no one is paying attention. Looking at the equipment. The depth of 25m. Air 100atm. Must turn.

And here I was attacked by a real attack of claustrophobia. I suddenly realized that if I was something to happen, over my head 15 cm of ice! Everywhere. And this tiny treasured window! So far away! And I never, absolutely never, never see anything else! Really, I felt very, very scary.

When panic always increases air consumption. This prompted me to carefully device. I began to float higher. Not become easier. I saw the ice. Dense and thick. There were no signs  of lanes. I know that the wall on the right. Hence, all right. Then Glory showed a huge network of descending from the tree. Like in film.

Ivan asked the sign Is it OK?  Of course.  In these moment  he was in the same condition as  I am.

The emergence of tires I was delighted, but not much. But when I saw the lane – the joy knew no bounds! Bar, as the light in the dark tunnel, like a ray of life, shone from afar. Through the clear water I see trees on the shore and people. You can not imagine how wonderful it was!

We climbed out of the water. Total – 12 hours of preparation and 45 minutes in the water. Adrenalin – for a few days, and memories – forever.

Thank you all!