Sri Lanca. Part 2. Mountains. Happy New 2013 Year!!
Дата 25 March 2013


Part 2.
Entry to Candy was awful- completely traffic jam. Slow slow we moved to lake. And a miracle! We found our friends! They waited for us and show the way to hotel.
Here was perfect(!) dinner, then we visited the  Temple of Tooth.
Early in the morning we decided to catch the train to Nuara Elia. It departure at 8-20. First class tickets were all booked in advance. So, we stay in quie to buy 2nd class. And left in special room our bicycles, We paid for them more then for ourselves!
Train delayed for 40 min. Not a lot!
It was half empty. We relax. I sit in doorway and smoke. Station Piradeniya!!! This is our junction! Time to change train! Harry, quick!
Next train was not empty. Completely. There were no place inside, just in corridor and between coaches. 5 hours in crowd of people! Those who were lucky see beautiful landscapes, tea terraces and evergreen slopes. I stayed in doorway of 3d class. Someone put a bag on my head. Don’t mention! I am happy!
I don’t know why I think we will go mostly downhill after Nuara Eliya. It was mistake. Big.
Train stopped in Nanu Oya. Nearest place from Nuara Eliya.
When we descent it was hot. And the road again slightly go uphill!! Impossible!
We stayed near beautiful colonial house to ate rise and curry. We were dirty. I found in WC hose and wash my legs. What to do?…
Serwant  in white served us with Ceylon tea. He brought it on big white tray, with white tea pot and porcelain cups. Tea was dark orange color. He asked about sugar. I told – two teaspoons and took my cup. Servant stay silent. In few minutes I understand my mistake – servant need to steer sugar by himself! And I did it by myself! Stupid ( it’s me)!
The tea was exellent! Rise – one of the best !
We follow our way. The road cross the national park and we hope to find there place for overnight. This time in tents.
Evening coming. No place for tent. No!!!!
And soon we found the lake and people said us that in park we need a permition to overnight. We need to go to this house and ask permition. Of course, we miss this special house and disturb another people, asking them give us the place for our camping. After long discussion they show us place near the lake where we can overnight. They even give us floating boats!
It was perfect, without Mosquitos but cold. Without  the rain.
Rain starts in the morning. This time it was cold, because now we change the climate zone and had been in mountains.
6 of us follow ahead and 2 go slow. We entered to the milky and tea land. Our final destination for today and for this year was Horton Plants- huge Plato in mountains with national park and beautiful views. Today was 31 of December. Last day of the 2012.. Tomorrow our children need to arrive and found us somewhere.
First km was cold. We had no breakfast. No coffee. In Kiev we think we will prepare food. But after, when we load all staff we understand that caserol, pan and kettle with food will be spare. No one want took this. And food around was really cheap.
We saw the sign ” strawberry” juice, jam ext. We turned.
Cold and rainy. And we drink fresh strawberry juice with ice cream. But we are still without breakfast!
That what the best part of country with cheese, milk and tea. Unfortunately all small milk shops were closed! It was 31st of December. By the way was small cafe where we decided to drink coffee and eat smth. We have our own tomatoes and asked for oil. Olive oil. Housekeeper was horrified. He decided boiled oil…  And put into our salad really boiled oil…  Such disgusting thing can attract only very hungry persons. … As we had been. With fried eggs it was OK.
Huge herds of fat cows follow beyond us. We were happy!
In few km we found our friends and had our second breakfast.
From this point the road follow only up. With decline may be 30%!  We really fill bad ourselves when push our heavy bicycles on Plato. May be 5 or 6 km. Who knows? People made photo of us passing in cars. Between them was also head chief of Horton Plants Narional Park. We didn’t know this and of course didn’t know that this fact will improve out New Year party))
As we paid for entrance ( huge amount of money) we get inside the park. It was highland plateau and mountains were somewhere far away. We reach direction and ask for permit for overnight in tents. They said NO. We asked for lodging. NO. Then they propose to us go away from territory in two hours. We answered NO and just laid on the grass. Staff phoned to someone. It was a long pause in two hours. The weather was good. Around were wild deers. They plead for bread from tourists.
When chief director arrived he at once recognize  8 completely fool persons who pushed uphill their bicycles. And he made a miracle – he propose to us a house with all facilities and big common room for 20 persons! We were happy! Wild deers around and we are between them in New Year night!!!
But we have only few cups of water. Nothing more.
This saint person gave us tuk- tuk and we can buy some food in the village.
Our New Year party was charming! With back lights from bike on the table)))
In the morning we feed the deers and then made 9km trekking to the Edge of the World. Really- nothing special. Only tourists.
Our children successfully arrived to Negombo and start approach to our destination.
We found nearest village and follow our way.
The road was extremely beautiful, with stunning views and old forests. And it was Mostly Downhill!!!  Our breaks were hot and we start to worry.
The beauty was increadable!
Little bit after we understand that can reach  Hambantota and our children can also get the same place on the evening.
But we didn’t know that after dawn hill it will be completely uphill!
It was awful. Mentally we had not be ready for such a road. We want dawn, not up! Two of our friend went to the seashore just after National Park. They said they will wait us in Kirinda and will try to find smth for overnight.
And again terraces with famous tea appeared.  We tiered.
I forgot to say that by the way it was enermouse amount of peacocks everywhere. Their voices are not such pleasant as their tails.
Second guest house became our home for overnight. Water in shower finished very quickly. F..!
And again miracle happens! Children arrived! All tree with their bicycles. It was Kandyan Tour car. This company pick up them in airport and get to us. In quiet reasonable price. Thank them!
We are all together!! Wow!
And follow to the best restaurant. It was really testy but when we receive our food it was time to order breakfast….
All night was heavy rain. All our laundry became more wet then in the evening. And wind dropped many things. So they became again dirty. Not good.
So, we collect bicycles, load them and went to the seashore( direction to south).  And the road was beautiful, with huge butterflies, waterfalls and monkey jumping from tree to tree. We made some stops to eat mango. 30, 40 mango. They are small and testy. And drink coconuts. We like them))
Dawn and dawn again. Children happy. We also. And warmer and warmer.
And then we see the sign Buduruwagala. Yes, of course. We turned. My husband at once Broke his camera and said he will repair it by himself. It was may be our 6 th or 7 th camera. And they all have holes near the nipple. We start to worry about our spare cameras.
Anyway we turned. It was 4 km to Buduruwagala. The road pass fields with peacocks. Then we passed near big lake full of different multycolor birds. It was real bird Sanctuary.
After one more km we arrived. It was rock with engraved reliefs of different Buddhas. May be 20 m high. No persons around. Just we are, jungles and reliefs. Sacred place. Stunning. Keep silence.
The only person was in the small ticket house 400 m back. I asked him if there are crocodiles in the lake. He start to laugh. No.
So. By the way back we made the stop to swim in the lake. My husband found us there and when see the photos hurried to Buddha reliefs. And we swam in warm clear water. This place was perfect for camping. But we think that it will be a lot of mosquitoes and when Ivan returned, follow to the main road. It was 4 pm. Time to find place for night.
No hotels, no rooms. It was first day for children and they began to be tiered.  When I saw the sign we immediately turn into jungle. It was small guest house. But no people inside. I found phone number and made a call. Someone was surprised and said he will be soon. And in 10 minutes person arrived, opened for us rooms and promise a huge dinner party. We were happy!
Children slept just near house. We waited 3 hours till our dinner was ready. But it worth it!
We made 75 km. it left 60 km to Kitinda and we dead at once in the beds. Finish.