Kackar Mountains. Turkey. september – 2012
Дата 9 October 2012

Kackar mountains and Middle East inTurkey.


September 2012


This time our trip must be in Ponic Alps in North East of Turkey and in South East region. They are quiet different and very unique.



Our flight is to Erzutum. One peace of luggage is in unknown direction. Two Rent-a- car in airport have no cars.

Taxi took us to the hotel in the center. 55 TL pp with breakfast. And proposition of friend of hotel Mercedes transit 17.09-03.10Erzurum-Adanafor 2500 usd. Too expensive!

Here are very few persons who speaks English. Almost noone.


Next day after 3 hours in rent a car we received one fiat doblo and one fiat Felicia. Total 2073USD for 2 cars. It was twice less then owner asked at first.

In Erzurum there is two or tree streets with rent a car agencies.

So, we pick up luggage, bought fresh meat, food for Kackars and escaped.


It was approx160 km to Yusufely and 40 km after to Yaylalar. The road is best quality and breathtaking!


In the evening we sopped in Barhal near old Georgian church. There were no place for camping. In pension we took big terrace with toilet and Dush outside. Owner proposed 25 Tl pp per night. We proposed 25 TL per all 6 of us per night. He agreed.

Night was quiet and fresh.



Early morning we took dirty road by car and then made14 kmby foot trying to find some of mountain Golu. There are no signs, no marks, no passes in mountains. We had map and description of pass. But didn’t find lakes. We rich 2950, starting from 1920m. We climbed all day long. It was hot and dry.


Next day we get to Yaylalar. This village is very steppe in mountains. We were lucky and meet person who speaks Russian. He phoned his friend. Waiting for friend – guide with mules, we returned to village. There was oneHollandperson who told us that it’s impossible to find pass tomountKackarwithout guide.

In Yaylalar it is last shop with some food. But in Yusufely big shops and fruits and meat and so on.


Saleh, our new guide said

-100 TL per donkey one way

- guide to Kackar top 150 TL

We need two donkeys. So 550 TL.

It’s 60 TL less then in Yaylalar pension.

We made handshake on 500 TL.


Our start must be from next morning. Saleh promised help us with campsite. In this area it’s forbidden to make camping.


In Olgunlar at the edge of village we put our luggage. Owner from cafe said it’s a problem and asked 50 TL. OK. We paid. Next cowboy also said it’s impossible to put here tents. But we said we don’t understand. Turkish translator book is high recommended!

Night was fresh but not really cold.



Next morning Saleh pick up our luggage on mule and donkey.60 kgper animal. We have less with food. Our cars we left in village.


First trek to camping is9 kmalong the river with ascending from 1860 to 2850. 3,5 hours. Not difficult. Completely empty campsite. With water and toilets.

At the evening came chilly cold.


We start our ascending to the top at 6 am. It was fresh. Not cold.

To Deniz Golu we climb 2 hours. Sometime we didn’t see the turns and think lake is in another place. We didn’t see jet Kackar mount.

The lake arrived suddenly, without any ice or snow.

We moved forward. The pass was unpredictable and turns left and right. It was not really pass. Just occasionally.

And mount arrived. Huge and steppe and rocky. On the top – flag ofTurkey. But so far away! On no visible pass. Saleh told as that we need to find one place on balcony. That is Gate to Kackar mount. If we don’t find we will not ascend.

Of course, he found. And at 12 -20 pm we stand on the top.3932 m. It was really difficult. All stones were ” alive”.

We stayed there only 30 min. Photo, note in top book and tea with cheese. It was cold wind.


We turn down. Saleh said us that it’s much shorter way down. Threw the slot near campsite. Narrow. We agreed.


Then we 6 hours descent. Last hour in slot300 mlong with 50• degrees down and4 mwidth. Adventure!

We had been completely dead. Made soup and went sleep.



Returning just 2 hours to Olgunlar. There we found pension with hot water, it cames from tap as thin as needle, 5 TL pp, and made our way back.


After Yusufely, before damn lake it’s a valley with beautiful inner pond and trout restaurant. Nothing except grilled trout. And trout in different water sections for growing. We wanted to find also entrance to huge creek, but it was not accessible by car.

Next before the sunset we observed architecture wander – Georgian monastery 12 century. It was hidden in mountains right side from the road after damn lake. It’s a pearl! Stone relieves, curved columns.

To overnight we returned to camp site on peninsula on damn lake. 20TL both cars, electricity, table, toilet. Dush is in lake. The water is warm.

At morning we understand that lake full of fish!


First part of our trip was gone

We follow the roads to South.