Dogs, Dogs, Dogs….. Ukraine. Kyiv – 2021
Дата 25 March 2021


Dogs, dogs, dogs ... ..

Nothing pleases like a wet dog's nose ...

He is always and everywhere where he should not be.
The dog's nose in the morning is gently stuck into my nose, wrapped in a blanket.
This is the first Good Morning)

Then, throughout the day, this nose carefully checks whether there is anything left on the plate, whether the cat is lost himself in the wilds of old palms, whether I correctly sat down in the yoga pose.

The nose turns to the side of the dish with finely chopped meat, but does not hesitate to stick into the pot with soup.
  In search of a sunbeam,  nose tries to crawl under the parquet floor.

Well, on the street, the nose is the main leader of the  dog.
 Not only because its the main clue for marking the territory, but it also twists the brain of my unfortunate dog when he catches the subtle scent of bitch hormones ...

At these minutes, either tears or snot begin to drip from the nose. Didn't check.
So far - this is a science mystery)

A subtle refined scent, but an exquisite one, because people cannot catch even a particle of aromatic symphonies that explode the black leather holes of their noses!
We are always zero compared to dogs.
So that's it.
Covid slightly changed everything.

And I dive into the wonderful world of dog images.
It almost looks like a journey.
A glint in the eye fills the image with life, a glint in the nose makes it alive. Dog coats are very different and I am happy to squeeze out tubes and apply multi-colored strokes in search of absolute identity with wildlife.

Further immersion in the cat world is possible.


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