Дорогие друзья!

Так получилось, что уже много лет мы с моим мужем Иваном всеми возможными способами исследуем нашу планету. За последнее время мы побывали в удивительных местах. Мы ныряем, ходим пешком и на лыжах в горы, ездим на байдарках, спим в палатках и без них. Мы были в Антарктиде, пересекли на велосипедах Центральную Америку, ообъехали на машинах часть Африки, попытались взойти на Аконкагуа и многое другое. Собственно об этом я и хотела поделиться на страницах моего сайта.
Если у Вас есть вопросы- пишите на Форум, я с удовольствием отвечу.
Если Вы хотите отправиться туда, куда не возит ни одна турфирма - пишите на Форум и я Вам помогу.
Если Вы хотите фотографию с сайта большого размера - обращайтесь.

Анна Павленко

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs….. Ukraine. Kyiv – 2021

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  Dogs, dogs, dogs ... .. Nothing pleases like a wet dog's nose ... He is always and everywhere where he should not be.   The dog's nose in the morning is gently stuck into my nose, wrapped in a blanket. This is the first Good...

Overnight on the ridge at winter time. Capathian mountains. Ukraine – February 2020

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Blue ring of Rasdhoo. Maldivies – February 2020

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  Even if its charter from island to island, time of departure will be floating. And price also. We had information from two sources – speed boat from Thoddoo to Rasdhoo at 2pm ( 300 $); boat at 12 pm (200$). We made choose. Then time...

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Thoddoo island. Part 2. Its possible to rich Thoddoo from Mathivery by public ferry. Its cheap but long way. And not every day. Long mean -  one hour or more to Rasdhoo, waiting there all day and one hour to Thoddoo. Very cheap. Very...

Mathivery island. Part 1.Maldivies – January 2020

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You need to be very careful when choosing rooms through Booking on Maldivian working islands. There are different types of rooms, of course. But only big ones, as family deluxe, have normal windows, not to reception area. May be for someone it has...

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    1.05.2019 – Poio Monastery – Armenteira Morning in the monastery of Poio. Birds sing songs. Sun blinks on the trees and on the ground. Time to take a breakfast. It was really ascetic. For us. Coffee, tea, water-melon and cakes. We...

Camino Portuguese. Day 9 – 10. Two Killing days. Spain. 29-30 of April – 2019

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Ok. Now we are five. Early in the morning we start to eat. Breakfast must be hard. Dinner light. In the evening – water only. Kitchen in this Albergue fully equipped. And extra clean. Night was quiet and the beds were excellent. So, in the...